What do I have to study to become an illustrator?


Thecnically you do not have to study to become an Illustrator because its not as far as i know a protected title. But for your own development and connecting with other students, getting feedback and growing as a person I reccomend University. Here in Norway its almost for free so I really reccomend doing a really good reesearch on the different classes, and maybe set up a list of what you want to learn. More than what you want to be. Because that can change a lot! 
I wanted to become an animator. So I payed a lot of money for private school. And ended up with being an illustrator. But I know I would do it all over again, because I love animation and have learnt a lot that I still get something out of today. So I reccomend school, but keep in mind its not for everyone. 

Do you do this full time? Is this your main income?

Yes! I work as a freelance illustrator out of my home studio (See blog and Vlog for more). And I work  out of a shop called "Myte Illustrations" which I share with @Line Syverinsen and @Akb Illustrations. Which Is great cause I get to be much more social than if I stayed at home drawing. 

Have you taken any education? 

Oh yes I have! As mentioned before I have background in Animation.  But I also went and learned to draw, paint,

manage media, leaned to know about art history in England, Australia and Norway and create childrensbooks. 

Can you live of being an Illustrator?

You can absolutely life of being an Illustrator, but I have to be honest and say that it is truly a lifestyle. You will work a lot, and you have to be creative in ways of earning your income. But apart from that I love it, its amazing to be able to draw every single day and not having to do something that you do not enjoy as much. 

Did you take courses outside of school?

I took one course outside of school and that was from Linda Oloey (An Artist located in Larvik, Norway) and she gave me a great advice and course. The Advice was: " Go out and experience the world. Thats a great way to develope your skills" She said it because I was complaining about having to work with serving food all day and not painting.  And she was right, your social world is just as important as sitting and practicing your skill. 


And PS: 
SVSlearn.com is an amazing page for learning outside of school. 



Do you take commissions?

I do! Contact me via the speack bubble in the corner on your right and we can talk about your ideas. 

I love making a difference in peoples lives and commissions are a great way of doing that. 


Shop questions:


How can i buy prints from you?

Go HERE and buy it all! 

Do you ship worldwide?

Oh yes I do! Anywhere in fact, and tracking can be added to the order. 




 Do you have any questions?

Do not hessitate to ask.






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