Hi my name is NIlle,

I am a norway based Illustrator located in Bergen.

I was born in a town called "Larvik"  growing up in several different houses,

with lots of siblings, and step stiblings. 

Being surrounded by so many different people, have made me a very social person. 

After this i have studied art and lived in Wales, Oslo, Melbourne and Amsterdam. 


I love working with and for other people,

focusing on spreading joy, comfort, good feelings,

and making people feel good about who they are. 

Shortly My work focuses mainly on the message of "Love".

Thank you for taking the time to come and see me. 

I truly hope you have a lovely day.

Love NIlle




Illustration in:






Children's books 

Comic books  

Wall paintings 

Stop motion puppetry


12-13           Deakin University of Melbourne  (Creative arts, Visual arts)

10-12           NISS (Nordisk Institut for sene of stuio), (Illustrations and fine arts)

09-10          NKF (Norges kreative fagskole)(3D animation and motion design.)

09                Seljord FHS  (Søm og kunstner linje)

08                Swansea Metropolitan University (Fine arts, Creative arts)

Self initiated

2016-2019      GET DRAWY Monthly drawing group and entertainment

Volunteer work

2016-2019  Get drawy

2014             Substitute teacher at Deakin unversity of Melbourne

2012             Pride Art ”Skeive kunstnere” (Gay artists) Art Exhibition

2011             Pride Art ”Skeive kunstnere” (Gay artists) Art Exhibition 

2010             Musikkens dag wallpainting 

2008            Stavern festivalen  ”Creative group”  


2018           Bergen kommune Commercial and promo work for “Paviliongen i Nygårdsparken”

2017            Barn i byen". editorial work

2011            Oslo kommune musikkens dag "Wallpainting"


216-18        Get drawy Drawing meet up and quiz 

2018           Banzaicon Comic Festival. Panel talk

(Panel Discussion: “The heroes we deserve”. A talk about what gay tendencies villains in disney have had to make them “different”.  What we want in the future and what us fans can do to make a change in the LGBTQ+ Scene of comics, books and animation. Panel with comic book artist Tab Kimpton. All is love, and patience pays.)


   Articles/ interviews about me and my work, and collaborations:

2018       Made in Bergen Interview

2018       STOCKHOLM PRIDE: https://program.europride2018.com/en/organizers/606/nille-illustrations

2018       BA about love it exhibition: https://www.ba.no/vis/kalender/events/34236121

2018       http://www.bergenjulemarked.no/utstillere/451/myte-illustrations

2017        BSTV Bergen student tv interview

2010      So exhibition BLIKK

Shop collectives 

2016-d.d               Myte Illustrations

2016                      Annie og Nilles Wonder Emporium

Exhibitions and future events:

2019                     Group exhibition "Pride art" 

2019                     "Some heroes", at BLEKK, Bergen

2018                     “Love is”, Cafe Opera, Bergen

2015-D.D             Permanent exhibition , Fincken bar,  Bergen

2015                     Latebloomers, with Ingrid Marvin , Fincken bar,  Bergen

2014                     Latebloomers, with Ingrid Marvin, Cafe Aura,  Bergen

2013                      Vikinger og Myter, Almekraft, Skien

2013                      Group exhibition, Scandinavian Art, Melbourne Australia

2013                     Avgangs utstilling, Deakin university, Melbourne Australia

2012                     Gruppe utstilling, Melbourne Australia

2012                      Avgangsutstilling, NISS, Oslo

2011                     Pride telt, Skeive kunstnere, Pride park, Oslo

2010                     "Baroque behind the scenes" SO bar, Oslo

2010                    Pride tent, Skeive kunstnere, (Gay artists) Pride park, Oslo

Art stands/ festivals and markets              


Coming up:

2019                   December: Bergen christmas market

2019                   Oktober: Banzaicon, Larvik

2019                   September: Raptus, Bergen 


2019                   Kawaiicon, Skien, Norway

2018                    Masseteltet, Stockholm pride, Stockholm

2018                    Raptus tegneserie festival, Bergen offentlige bibliotek, Bergen

2018                    Banzaicon, Boligmappa arena, Larvik

2018                    Bergen Julemarked, Festplassen, Bergen

2018                    Metrocon, Stavanger

2017                    Raptus tegneserie festival, Scandic hotel, Bergen

2017                    Nygårdsparken Julemarked , Nygårdsparken, Bergen

2017                    Bryggen Julemarked , Bryggen, Bergen

2016                    Bryggen Julemarked , Bryggen, Bergen

2016                    Julemarked schøtstuene, Bergen

2016                   International womans day, Scandic hotel

2015                   International womans day, Scandic hotel

2019                   December: Bergen christmas market

2019                   Oktober: Banzaicon, Larvik

2019                   September: Raptus, Bergen 




and Bergen Christmas market. 


Public decorations:  

2017                      Forrest in Myte Illustrations 5x2m

2015                      The Rose - Airbnb 1x1m

2013                      Cairns Hostel 12x2m

2012                      Brisbane Airbnb wallpainting "Baroque girls in bar" 3x1,5m

2010                      Trappeoppgang musikk dagene Tono, musikk 


you can find my art in:

2019                     Myte Illustrations, Bryggen, Bergen

2019                    BLEKK, Lille øvregaten, Bergen 


If you have any places you want to see me at, 

Events, festivals, exhibitions or pop up shops?

Then hit me up with a message and we can have a chat!

I would love to hear your ideas 

and suggestions.

I am also open with selling my art prints and

merchandises  in other shops and galleries.



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