Banzai 2019!

What an experience everyone! This is definitely one of my favorite cons in Norway.

The people working on this event is so passionate about what they do. Almost everything is volunteer work, and they work all year around with it. They make decorations, a huge show and their individual Cosplay. I just have to say, if you are reading this, go to cons! These are some of the most awkward (In a good sense) and bravest people i have ever met.

Imagine walking up on stage, with a costume you have worked for ever on, reenacting your ultimate favorite character. With music, lines and judges seeing if your doing a good job. And even if your sowing are neat enough to win first place.

(Bare in mind there are several different competitions...)

I truly hope I can be back next year, and are so lucky to be chosen for a spot there again next year.

And here is my favorite pics from Banzaicon of 2019 for you guys! Enjoy! <3


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