Bergen Pride 2019

I remember my first expreience with pride was both scary, and extra ordinary.

Especially walking in the parade. I saw eyes filled with tears of happiness, I saw laughing faces, joyess faces, and also some sceptical.

I held my, then girlfriend, now wifes hand and smiled to everyone!

More confident than I felt.

Walking in pride now, as you can see in the picture is PURE JOY!

All the nerves are gone, and I wave my flag fearsly.

Just like i do every day when I hang it outside our gallery door at Myte. (But more calmly)

Come join our celebration at the 8th of June!

Feel the nerves, the joy, the love and come dance with us!

If you are too far away from Bergen,

go celebrate somewere close to you.

And last but no least FUN!!!


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