Holiday resting place.

Its not often that I think, "Hm, maybe a holiday is needded".

Of course my holidays will contain some part of my work, but thats simply because I love so many parts of what I do.

A little light idea sketching takes sertainly nothing of my energy. And I can simply go so far as to say that It rather gives me energy, than taking it and it keeps me sain.

So almost every day during my holiday I woke up before everyone and went to bed after them to get some sketching time. This made me keep my 7-8 hour sleep and kept my creative energy flowing.

In this job you have to know a littlebit about everything, accounting, media, appointments, webshop, schedualing and time managment. None of these things are really my passion so when I get to draw i really thrive.

Christmas is a very inspiring season for me, as Halloween can be for others. Therefore I know that I need to have presents, movie watching and all sort of christmas things out of the way for my spare time. It might sound strange, and I do truly watch some videos and hang out with family.

Creative meditation walks and writing down ideas are also something I have enjoyed during my holiday. Always having some phone or other to write down ideas that pops up for things to draw in January.

So thank you for reading this little note. It might not be perfect but it is perfectly true and thats what matters. Hope it helped you a bit to see my rutine and or enjoyed my little writing.

Hope to see you soon back again on my page.

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Love Nille


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