"Uforstyrra" is a podcast that interviews people around eating disorders. This helps more people understand how it really is having these disorders and what they can do either to help themselves or others. 

I have been so fortunate to be able to work with these great people on illustrating their promo videos for the second season. Illustrating this podcast was an emotional rollar coaster. I felt like an method actor that had to take on different characters in order to get under my subjects scin as they say. 

"A story about a young girl starting out with anorexia and ending up with bulemia for 12 years. This podcast is about her book about that time, and how she got out of the illness. 


"A story about a girl "Cecilie" struggling with bulimia fro 15 years of her life, her struggle with finding the right kind of help. Her story of trying to get the help she desperately sought after, and how she got out of it."


"Leon was a boy that wanted to loose a littlebit of weight, gain a little musscle and stop when he was happy. But that day never came. This is his story of how his disorder startet, how he came out of it, and his advice for teenagers today."

Leons episode: